Who are we?

ICS is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers with an elected board and funded by membership fees. The club was founded in 2002 and at present has 120 members from around 30 different countries. Activities such as language lunches, a book club, a baby and toddler group, etc. are run regularly - usually monthly and often during the daytime - by members for members.  We occasionally have evening acivities like a weeknight dinner out. ICS encourages its members to be active and share and develop their own interests. It is also possible for members to ask for information or to advertise via the club.

The ICS objectives are to:

  • Make members' stay in Skåne a rewarding one.
  • Stimulate members into using their talents, energy and contacts in making Skåne a truly international area.
  • Help people in making smooth transitions to and from other countries and regions.
ICS believes that by creating more attractive conditions, particulary for accompanying families, more foreign employees will be attracted to Skåne. This in turn will boost the region to the benefit of both expatriates and locals.

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